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Take your career to the next level.

This Client Experience Coordinator role is perfect for a friendly, outgoing and energetic person with fantastic communications skills, a brilliant attitude and attention to detail.

We’re a Sports Medicine Clinic that aims to help our clients get the very best experience in a holistic, calm and results-focussed setting. We offer high quality Physio, Podiatry, Massage, Pilates and more to help clients reach their health potential.

We wake EVERY SINGLE day to inspire people to do what inspires them, so that they and we are free to embody joy, optimum health and connection in this gift called life.

Let's find out About You

  • 🦸‍♀️ Leadership – You are inspiring and can create an amazing first impression. You will have a strong customer service background or sales background, where you have a result driven capacity to inspire clients to see their rehab to the end so we don't give up on them.
  • 🌟Excellence – You are results driven. You are resourceful and enthusiastic about not only getting the best of yourself but bringing this energy to work every day.
  • 🌱Growth Mindset – You have a strong willingness to learn. You lean into failures and challenges to grow. You are open, adaptable and curious.
  • 🤝Accountability – You have a solution focussed go getter attitude where you just get stuff done whatever the obstacle. You don’t make excuses.
  • 🧍🧍Unity – You learn, follow and implement new systems quickly and put team before self.
  • 🧐Clarity – You are clear in your communication, love detail and data to get the best results. You're organised, efficient and systematic. You have a high attention to detail.
  • 🙌Joy – You are energised, always see the upside and have a grateful attitude towards life.
  • 🔥Passion – You have a strong desire to improve / change people’s lives through your impact in healthcare (we view our client experience team as being equally important to client care & outcomes as our practitioners). You take pride in your work and bring massive energy.
  • 💪Persistence – You see things through and are highly resilient.
  • You have great computer skills and are familiar with Facebook & Instagram.
  • You are fun to hang out with and bring this joy and energy to work. You love getting involved and going all in to get the best results.

Sound like you? Read on...

More about who you'll be working with.

At Freedom Sports Medicine we pride ourselves on our close team, its more like a family working here really.

We believe in helping our clients to change their lives by moving towards their potential and leaving their pain behind.

We do this by providing a standard of care that is as innovative as it is intuitive.

By listening to our clients we are able to help them rewrite the story that holds them back and equip them with the tools that they need to live the life that they want.

But we understand this is not a solo mission! We understand that investing in our team members with education, training and coaching is the lifeblood of our future. We are passionate about developing capacity and honing skills to empower our team so that they can bring the same dedication, energy and drive to our clients.

About Your Role.

 You'll be working in a part time or full time role alongside our experienced, friendly practitioner team, welcome team and managerial staff. Helping to provide an exceptional client experience and to contribute ideas towards tasks in the clinic.

Prior experience is not essential as our comprehensive on-boarding process will train you in everything that you need to know to carry out your role with precision and confidence.

What is absolutely essential however, is that you have good energy and drive when it comes to your work as well as being open minded and willing to learn.

Some evenings are required.

Duties &


  • 🙏Client Experience – You need to be inspiring and create an amazing first impression. You can inspire and lead our clients to stay on track with their plans. This is an essential part of the role where you can really champion the end goal.
  • 💪You can direct and lead our schedule across 100+ clients a week so we use time efficiently and impact as many people as we can.
  • ☎️Clinic leadership support – Leading phone conversations to save cancellations so clients can achieve great health outcomes.
  • ☎️Leading enquiries and helping clients take that next step in their health.
  • 📖Following day to day procedures of the clinic in a timely and efficient manner!
  • 💬Practitioner Support – Following up on communication between clients and practitioners as required!
  • 📢Client reach – Supporting with marketing campaigns to help build client awareness, engagement and education to reflect our clinic core values!
  • 📊Data gun– Collecting data using our prepared trackers so we have clarity across our clinic! Smashing your team and individual targets so we have Excellence at our practice.
  • ✅Assisting with the general clinic upkeep and maintenance.
  • 🙋‍♀️Attend staff meetings, contribute new ideas to the growth and efficiency of the clinic operations!
  • 🚀Leadership ascension opportunities for someone who excels in the role and can drive results.


Skills & Experience

  • Excellent leadership skills both in person and on the phones to help clients stay on track with their plans.
  • Organisational and Time Management skills. The ability to work at a fast pace.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and complete tasks accurately and efficiently.
  • Proficient Computer Skills.
  • Familiarity with Facebook & Instagram.
  • Familiarity with Canva not essential but advantageous. 
  • Sales or marketing experience highly advantageous.
  • Design experience advantageous for a possible aspect of the role (not essential).

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  • Full Training and Support

Our comprehensive on-boarding process makes sure that you are fully equipped to complete your tasks and fulfil what is expected of you. We take the guesswork out of your role so that you can direct your energy and focus into being the very best you can be.

Additionally, our daily, weekly and quarterly support makes sure that you reach your goals and bring out the very best in yourself!reach your goals and bring out the very best in yourself!

  • Generous Pay

We are looking to recruit the best fit for our team and reward as such.

  • Team Culture

While we may not have the largest team around, we have ditched the traditional corporate clinical culture for something completely different.

At Freedom Sports Medicine, the word ‘family’ isn’t just in the name- it describes how we view our team members and we are here to support you in any way we can.

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